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Social Media Marketing


Building the online presence of your business and connecting with your customers in the online space through social media, is one of the top marketing strategies that many companies, large and small, use and leverage daily. These social media platforms allow room for creativity, engagement, community, and great online visibility. Some of the things  that we implement into your marketing plan are, content strategy/creation for not just one but multiple social media platforms that are working for your industry, video strategy, video creation, keyword research, competitor analysis, and more. Having content strategies and content creation frameworks around your business is one of the most vital and beneficial strategies to use for social media. It allows us to build a great marketing plan that will align with your business, with social media platforms that are working in your industry, and most importantly with your social media marketing objectives. 



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Social Media Content Strategy and Creation

A content strategy is one of the best places to start for social media. In order to build your content strategy we utilize methods like social listening and analyze key components. Such as, the overall market, user personas, competitor analysis, target audience, keywords, content, and more. Additionally, once there is a strategy in place we also execute and create some of that content as well.


Planning and Publishing

We take your social media marketing plan a step further through the planning, scheduling, and publishing phase of your content. After the content creation phase, you want to have systems to ensure that your content gets out there. By implementing our tools such as content calendars, editorial calendars, scheduling tools, and publishing tools we are able to do this for you and your business.

Reports + Analytics

In order to ensure that objectives are being met, we utilize tools and integrate different metrics and KPIs to track efforts and results. By using analytics tools and creating regularly updated reports, we are able to make sure that your social media marketing plan is right on track.

Content and Platform Variation

As social media continues to be a useful tool for marketing, you might want to try every platform that you can. However, using too many platforms can also hinder your growth. You want your audience to know exactly where to find you. One of the ways that we do this is by focusing on only using key platforms and the ones that work best for your business. The platforms we work with are Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Video Content

Video content has been taking the social media world by storm and is only expanding. We provide video editing services for platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. Videos can be your own content and/or content can be created by simply putting together different elements in a video style and produce amazing results. These kinds of videos are videos that we also create and edit.

Client Portal

Your client portal is where you will have access to your entire plan. Inside the portal, you are able to view all the important details of your plan like content calendars, editorial calendars, campaigns, reports, tasks, competitor analysis, keyword database, project assets, and more.

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